M&A in a Digitalizing World

Digital M&A presents non-traditional concerns, higher premiums and cultural integration risk, according a recent Bain Brief, which summarizes an executive survey. The executives agreed that the digital strategy needs to be a clear part of the corporate strategy. Half of them noted the need for expertise at hand before the deal and the importance of […]

Becoming Invaluable to the Ecosystem

The emergence of platforms has transformed many industries and forced companies to think beyond their specific product and into the larger ecosystem where their products fit. Strategists will be challenged to anticipate these ecosystems and position their companies to sustain competitive advantage.

Mastering Manufacturing with Flexibility

Raghav Narsalay, Aarohi Sen, and David Light summarized results from 250 manufacturers over a decade for Hbr.org. Only 11% of firms could increase demand fulfillment while lowering costs. Key factors included: 1) fewer components, even when increasing the number of SKUs; 2) digitization for design, prototyping, and possibly production; 3) cross-training machine operators to employ […]

The Implications of IoT for Manufacturing

CSC, a consultancy, reviews the evolution of manufacturing in its Forward magazine, available here. At a high level, manufacturing stands to benefit greatly from advances in digital technology. The Internet of Things (IoT) gathers data from all physical objects in a network to enable a central view. It can help you react swiftly (Tesla with auto sensors), or […]

Anticipating Algorithms

Algorithms, sequences of steps to resolve a problem or achieve a task, enable the Web to work but also pose major challenges, according to Pew Research Center (PRC)’s Code-Dependent: Pros and Cons of the Algorithm Age. PRC surveyed 1,302 technology experts and found 38% seeing algorithms as net positive; 37% as net negative; and 25% […]