Constructing a More Collaborative and Innovative Future

The World Economic Forum has released a White Paper on the future of construction, based on results from six working WEF Working Groups, which looks to overcome labor productivity and low innovation in the sector. The white paper covers a variety of topics related specifically to construction but with general implications for project management, knowledge management, and procurement for important public goods.


Global Unemployment and the Vulnerable

The International Labour Organization predicts a slight uptick in global unemployment from 5.7 to 5.8% (3.4 million people) in 2017, according to its updated World Employment and Social Outlook (also at the Reference Desk). The unemployed will grow by 201 million as well in 2018, and the level of the “vulnerable” employed will stay over […]

Teaching Soft Skills for Future Success

While hard skills continue to be well rewarded, non-cognitive or soft skills are increasingly being rewarded as well, clearly a sign that employers see the need for them now and in the future. These skills need to be considered in shaping future workforce strategies.

Mastering Manufacturing with Flexibility

Raghav Narsalay, Aarohi Sen, and David Light summarized results from 250 manufacturers over a decade for Only 11% of firms could increase demand fulfillment while lowering costs. Key factors included: 1) fewer components, even when increasing the number of SKUs; 2) digitization for design, prototyping, and possibly production; 3) cross-training machine operators to employ […]

Employee Experience & Your Talent Strategy

Though people considerations often appear at the end of the strategy, they should be neither neglected nor ancillary. The external environment for talent continues to evolve rapidly with companies seeking competitive advantage through “compelling employee experience,” agile recruiting and learning, and designing physical space to maximize worker engagement. These insights come from Jeanne Meister at Forbes. […]