Aligning Toward Sustainable Development

Many companies are integrating sustainability-related issues into their core practices and reporting accordingly. Alignment of corporate strategies with the SDGs would be the most powerful driver for the realization of those goals.


Mastering Manufacturing with Flexibility

Raghav Narsalay, Aarohi Sen, and David Light summarized results from 250 manufacturers over a decade for Only 11% of firms could increase demand fulfillment while lowering costs. Key factors included: 1) fewer components, even when increasing the number of SKUs; 2) digitization for design, prototyping, and possibly production; 3) cross-training machine operators to employ […]

The Implications of IoT for Manufacturing

CSC, a consultancy, reviews the evolution of manufacturing in its Forward magazine, available here. At a high level, manufacturing stands to benefit greatly from advances in digital technology. The Internet of Things (IoT) gathers data from all physical objects in a network to enable a central view. It can help you react swiftly (Tesla with auto sensors), or […]

Setting the 2050 Scenario

PwC has a new thought piece on the world in 2050, based on PwC projections from IMF data for 32 countries comprising 85% of the world’s GDP (free online here and at the Reference Desk). In terms of growth, they posit that the global economy can double in size by 2050, “assuming broadly growth-friendly policies (including […]

Globalism Not Dead: Trade Facilitation Advances

While news and social media seem to be pointing toward a rise of economic nationalism, global trade integration continues to progress through implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement of the World Trade Organization (WTO). TFA addresses many mundane aspects of trade, like import procedures, documentation requirements, payment methods, and standards and will drive transparency about […]

Increasing Longevity in the Richer World

The Lancet projects future life expectancy in 35 developed markets based on a blend of 21 forecasting models. While the results are all probabilistic, the most striking one relates to women: “There is more than a 50% probability that by 2030, national female life expectancy will break the 90 year barrier, a level that was […]