Digital Health in 2017 – Experiment and Evolution

The HIMSS 2017 Annual Meeting recently exposed the fast-evolving field of digital health. Companies are developing a wide array of solutions: connectivity (physicians to referral physicians), automation of current work, data visualization, remote monitoring, and patient empowerment to name just a few. While many projects are starting small, conference panelists are already learning lessons and starting to think about the bottom line, calling out needs to invest sufficiently in IT infrastructure to support future scaling and looking for ways to integrate patient data with CRM systems. Big businesses like Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and GE Ventures are partnering extensively with smaller companies. This round up article from MobiHealthNews provides links to a vast array of topics from the conference reports.

Given the trend of increasing health expenditures in the US from an already-high base, Health IT offers the opportunity to chase after new dollars or to disrupt the system and bring down costs – or both. The lack of a single platform in this space leads to a wide array of experimentation among small, medium and large companies. At the same time, “profitable growth” concerns are already appearing and some actors might need to drop out. For non-healthcare companies, this field possibly offers promise for their own employees’ population health. A good issue for monitoring.



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