Digital Health: What’s Actually Happening?

Rock Health recently released some research on digital health. Much fails to surprise: high engagement among millennials should not  shock anyone. But it also contains quite a few data points that could be tracked by savvy strategists interested in emerging trends. Here’s a few that caught my eye. Full list available here, also for download.

Trends in Health Care

  • Only 12% of Americans are non-adopters of digital health tools. 46% are using three categories or more of digital health tools.
  • 77% of Americans will share health information to get better care. More people (62%) would share health data than would sell it (42%).
  • Favorite wearable manufacturers: Samsung (30%); Fitbit (26%); and Apple (22%).
  • Video-based telemedicine jumped from 7% in 2015 to 22% in 2016 – and 30% are self-pay = cash.
  • For physicians, most important factors are quality, coverage, and location. Price is least helpful data.

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