20th PWC CEO Survey: Optimism in Age of Divergence

PwC has released results of its 20th CEO Survey, available here with online videos, infographics here, summarizing 1,379 CEOs views. Key topics include: Divergence, Machines, Connectivity, Globalization. Notable points include:

  • 20 years ago – growth was thought to be in Emerging Markets. Now it’s US, China, DE, UK, JP, India.
  • Overall confidence in ability to deliver short term (up 3% from 35-38%) and three-year results.
  • Shift in CEO focus from pure cost-cutting to investment in digital capabilities and innovation.  Priority on organic growth over cost reduction (79% / 62%)

PwC ends the report on a surprising note, underscoring the value that corporations have created globally. But the report also notes the inequality and uncertainty that have accompanied this process. And the authors see opportunity for CEOs of the future to take a purposeful approach to changing things for the better:

In the headlong rush to reap the benefits of technology and globalisation, the human factor has been lost. It’s time for CEOs to step forward and help safeguard the future by ensuring the benefits of business go to everyone.



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