Fishing for the Long Term

As commercial fisheries find fewer fish, they run the risk of putting themselves out of business. Other industries and organizations as well can challenge themselves to take a step back and assess whether the “success” of their current model will undermine its position over time.


Consumer-Driven Health Food

While consumers continue to seek indulgent foods and snacks, demand continues to grow for products that support healthy lifestyles. Given larger trends with obesity and non-communicable diseases, industries like CPG might find themselves pivoting into health and having an important role to play in improving health outcomes.

Constructing a More Collaborative and Innovative Future

The World Economic Forum has released a White Paper on the future of construction, based on results from six working WEF Working Groups, which looks to overcome labor productivity and low innovation in the sector. The white paper covers a variety of topics related specifically to construction but with general implications for project management, knowledge management, and procurement for important public goods.

M&A in a Digitalizing World

Digital M&A presents non-traditional concerns, higher premiums and cultural integration risk, according a recent Bain Brief, which summarizes an executive survey. The executives agreed that the digital strategy needs to be a clear part of the corporate strategy. Half of them noted the need for expertise at hand before the deal and the importance of […]

Global Unemployment and the Vulnerable

The International Labour Organization predicts a slight uptick in global unemployment from 5.7 to 5.8% (3.4 million people) in 2017, according to its updated World Employment and Social Outlook (also at the Reference Desk). The unemployed will grow by 201 million as well in 2018, and the level of the “vulnerable” employed will stay over […]

Teaching Soft Skills for Future Success

While hard skills continue to be well rewarded, non-cognitive or soft skills are increasingly being rewarded as well, clearly a sign that employers see the need for them now and in the future. These skills need to be considered in shaping future workforce strategies.

Becoming Invaluable to the Ecosystem

The emergence of platforms has transformed many industries and forced companies to think beyond their specific product and into the larger ecosystem where their products fit. Strategists will be challenged to anticipate these ecosystems and position their companies to sustain competitive advantage.